About Me


I am an Entrepreneur, Writer, Creator and Startup Innovator.

I have a passion for marketing, a drive for growth and a desire to continually refine and iterate.

Welcome to my personal website. My name is Paul Towers and I am a 3x Entrepreneur and passionate supporter of the Australian startup ecosystem. In particular, I am the Founder & CEO of Task Pigeon, a new task management application that allows you to create, assign and manage the everyday tasks you and your team work on.

I also aim to assist other startups and founders in any way I can. This includes helping early stage startups on the journey to build, launch and scale their product or service via Startup Engine and curating the daily Startup Soda newsletter, which aims to bring you the best news and views from the Australian startup ecosystem.


I’m a 3x Entrepreneur who started young when I purchased my first business, a retail surf shop as a sixteen year old high school student back in 2005. I had always worked from a young age and when the opportunity came up I poured everything I had into purchasing the business.

As a result I’m a firm believer in learning by doing and credit owning a business, employing staff and being solely responsible for its operations and profitability as a key component of my person and professional development.

I owned the business, Liquid Surf for almost three years and in that time implemented a major rebranding initiative, developed our online presence and negotiated to increase our stock by a factor of 3x without requiring any additional capital.

Later in my career I built and grew an online services business from scratch. I provided professional resume and business documentation services to clients around Australian and owned the business for 3 years before selling it to an interstate buyer.

This allowed me to develop an in-depth understanding of online marketing and the process required to grow something into a meaningful business.

Current Ventures

Today, I am working on my latest startup Task Pigeon. While the task management space is certainly crowded our research has shown that there is no one sized fits all solution to task management.

As a result we are laser focused on providing an intuitive tool that caters to the business side of an organisation (i.e. sales, marketing, HR) and allows Managers and their team members to simply create, assign and manage tasks.

I am also a strong believer in the concept of building an open and transparent startup and am blogging about the journey of building Task Pigeon from day one.

In addition to all this I consult to startups on a regular basis. In particular, I enjoy the process of creation and thus focus my efforts on the very earliest stages of a startup. I assist startups with validating their startup idea, positioning their product in a competitive marketing, driving traffic to landing and pre-launch pages, advising on paid and non-paid marketing channels, public relations and media outreach.

Another of my projects is the popular Startup Soda newsletter. Startup Soda is a free daily newsletter the features the best articles, blog posts and tactical resources from Australian Startups, Founders and VC’s. You can subscribe for free here.

Finally, my passion for startups also extends itself to writing in-depth essays and thought leadership pieces on my blog. I have also had articles published in Startup News, GeekTime, TechBoard, Alley Watch, Anthill Magazine and numerous other independent blogs.

Lastly, I always enjoy meeting with and speaking to Entrepreneurs, Founders and investors. So please don’t hesitate to reach out.


If you want to connect with me you can find me on: