I’m a 4x Entrepreneur, Startup Founder & Evangelist for the Australian startup ecosystem.

As an operator / founder, community knowledge builder and influencer, Paul's energy, enthusiasm, knowledge & experience of the start up scene is clearly evident. Start-up founders would do well to follow his tips, advice, knowledge and experience.

Matt Trustrum,

Paul's deep understanding of the startup sector is extremely impressive and I would have no doubt in recommending Paul to anyone seeking advice on launching a startup in the Australian startup ecosystem.

Alan Arnott,

Paul not only did a thorough review of our website, but also helped streamline the content of all our marketing collateral. His tips on developing a compelling investor pitch have been crucial, and so have his growth hacks!

Ankita Mehta,


Hey There!

I’m Paul Towers, a 4x Entrepreneur, Startup Founder & Evangelist for the Australian startup community.

My personal mission is to provide consistent value to Australian startups, founders and community partners. I do this in a number of key ways:

  • By providing free mentorship to Startups at The University of Sydney (as well as to other startups externally).
  • By hand curating the Startup Soda newsletter which features the top 10 articles from the Aussie startup ecosystem each day.
  • By providing media coverage to any startup (regardless of their levels of funding) that have launched a product or service on the Startup Soda media site.

I am also building my own startup Task Pigeon in a transparent manner. This means I openly share our revenue and expenditure, and also blog about what worked (and what didn’t) in my journey to date.


Active Startups & Projects


I’m a 4x Entrepreneur & Startup Founder. I purchased my first business, a retail surf shop, as a 16 year old high school student. I built my second company from the ground up and bootstrapped it to exit. Currently I am the CEO and Founder of Task Pigeon and Startup Soda.

Task Pigeon

Task Pigeon is the straightforward task management tool for teams who want to get things done.

We close the gap between tasks you add to your to-do list and what you can cross of as done by augmenting our task management app with an on-demand marketplace of freelancers.

Startup Soda

Startup Soda has two channels. The Startup Soda newsletter is a hand curated newsletter featuring the top ten articles from Aussie Startups, Founders & VC’s.

Startup Soda is also a media site providing coverage of the Aussie startup ecosystem.

Startup Mentor / Advisor


Since 2017 I have been a Mentor at, and Ambassador For, The University of Sydney Genesis Startup Program. Two of the three teams I mentored were selected for the finals, with one taking out top prize and scoring entry to the Incubate Accelerator Program.

Genesis Startup Program

I have been an official ambassador for, and mentor at, The University of Sydney Genesis Startup Program since early 2017. During this time I have successfully helped guide two out of the three startups I have mentored to the finals of the program, with one of them taking out top prize.

Startup Engine

Startup Engine is the vehicle through which I provide free mentorship and support to early stage startups. In particular I assist startup founders who are interested in discussing product development, user acquisition, early stage marketing and go to market strategies.

University of Sydney Business School

I have also been an invited guest at the University of Sydney Business School where I helped advise startups taking part in a 12 week program and evaluated their pitch in the lead up to the courses conclusion.

Generation Entrepreneur

Generation Entrepreneur run a number of programs designed to teach high school students about the lean startup methodology. I have mentored at a number of their events / hackathons.

Small Time Investor (Via ECFs/Syndicates)


I won’t be writing your Series A, but I believe that where possible, all Startup Founders should also be Startup Investors. It is a valuable skill set being able to evaluate other companies (or opportunities) and with the emergence of Equity Crowdfunding and Syndicates (avenues through which I invest) it is more accessible than ever.

My Investments To Date:

Support & Benefits I Provide To Startups


I am constantly looking for new ways to help support and grow the Australian startup ecosystem.

There are a number of ways I may be able to assist you (or your startup). Including:

  • If you have a blog or publish regular content that would be valuable to startups/founders/entrepreneurs please get in touch so that I can look to include links to your content in my daily newsletter.
  • In the Startup Soda newsletter I also provide free ad space to startups and will promote any relevant event or conference to my audience as well.
  • Finally with the Startup Soda News site I have the ethos that if you are good enough to get a product or service to market, then you are good enough to get media coverage. Please reach out and I will gladly write about your startup.
  • Finally, I am happy to chat/mentor/talk with/help support startups/founders. I meet with and speak to numerous founders every week and am happy to assist where I can.