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3 x Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor & Investor


paul towers avatarAs a 3x Entrepreneur, Founder and passionate supporter of the Startup ecosystem in Australia and around the world I’m pleased that you have stumbled across my personal website.

I first entered the world of entrepreneurship when I poured every cent I had as a sixteen year old high school student into purchasing a retail surf shop back in 2005. At the time I was a young kid, full of big ideas and a passion to dive head first into business and learn by doing. I owned, ran and managed this business for almost three years while completing my Higher School Certificate (Year 12).

My second foray into entrepreneurship happened a few years later when I built, launch and grew an online resume and business documentation services website from scratch. I worked with clients all around the country and successfully sold the business after more than 3 years of ownership.

Currently I am the Founder and CEO of Task Pigeon, a task management web application that allows you to create, assign and manage the tasks you and your team works on each day. I also curate the daily Startup Soda newsletter and advise early stage startups at Startup Engine.

Along the way I have also had an interest in the investment side of business. I have invested in the stock market since the age of twelve, backed early stage companies on the ASX and traded options and CFD’s along the way. Currently I look to back early stage startups through Angel List Syndicates.

I welcome you to check out my current projects which include:

task-pigeon-square-logo-purpleTask Pigeon

Track, Manage & Collaborate on Everyday Tasks

Task Pigeon is my current startup.

It is a task management web application build for business teams (sales, marketing, HR, etc) not developers.

Our beta is due to be released in January 2017.

To be one of the first to use Task Pigeon join our beta.

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Free Startup Advice & Consultations. No Strings Attached. Seriously!

Through Startup Engine I consult to Australian startups across a wide range of areas from idea validation, use acquisition, marketing, growth hacking and fundraising just to name a few.

I provide a free 30 to 45 minute consultation over the phone with no strings attached. I then prepare a report for your startup (again free of charge) and am also happy to have another follow up call to discuss my findings.

Why free? Well, I want to meet interesting entrepreneurs and startups. You can learn more about why here.

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